Brian Mear (Mearfest)

Recently I recieved a wonderful gift from Davy Little (Axis, Lies of Smiles)

The AXIS LP. (AXIS are a NWOBHM band originally signed to Neat)

With that LP were two CDs from Davy's later band Lies and Smiles.

I've yet to sit down and listen to the AXIS album but I've played both of these several times during my travels to work over the last few weeks.

My Goodness what a band!  Both Albums are incredible.

They both remind me of the Tony Martin era of Black Sabbath such is the quality of the song writing, the material, the musicianship and the vocals of Tony Thurlow. Both albums are absolutely superb

There is a marked progressive edge to this classic metal sound with keyboards and various audio parts.

To be totally honest I am completely gob smacked with both of these Gems. How a band of this sheer quality has escaped my attention is beyond me.

The first album "Cross and Claw" released in 2010 features Pat O'Neill on Guitars, Tony Thurlow vocals, Chris Wing on bass/keyboards, Keith Naylor on Drums and Davy Little on Guitars.

The individual songs are just that, they have their own sounds and structures. Beautifully crafted, amazing musicianship and fantastic production.

My favourite tracks on this album are Fallen a Dio esq fast tempo number, Dream a Dream/Tower of Angels and the incredible Warhound and the Worlds Pain.

Moving onto the second album "Dreams of the Machinox" released 5 years later and I'm on cloud nine. With just the drummer Simon Verrill replacing Keith the line up has not only maintained very high stands they have grown in stature and skill.

A brilliant album in so many ways. Reminding me of early Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Dio and once again Headless cross era Sabbath.  This is an absolute monster.

Every track has its moments and such is the quality here I recommend you sit down quietly, drink in hand and just immerse yourself.

From the opener "Dreams of the Machinox right through to Ezekial's wheel.... Ascension you will be drawn into another realm.

" The end of all things....

Life is a river and each of our myriad destinies a tributary which itself creates tributaries.

This is the nature of Chaos, forever creative, forever fertile, forever unchecked. This is the nature of the Machinoix

On the threshold, a world awaits the inevitable moment of annihilation - fearing the terrible wild colours that bleed through, the shredded fabric of reality

A weary planet of ghosts singing the last songs of a dying world accompanied by the machine rhythm of the star clock.

Here the Machinoix work their mystic trade - seeking their ultimate purpose in a Random Access Mythology that determines all things and all possibilities

Their Manifest Destiny!!!

A journey through volatile matter and corrupted time - an excursion to the death of the old world.... and the birth of the new...

These are the dreams of the Machinox.

A glorious album its scope and magnitude is quite breathtaking.

Everything and more I could wish for in a piece of music. I congratulate you all

As Krusher Joule would say KKKKK!!!

Brian Mear (Mearfest)