Vaughan Froggatt (Frogblaster2112)

Dreams of the Machinoix
I listened to the latest album from ‘Lies of Smiles’ ‘ Dreams of the Machinoix’ with great anticipation and was not disappointed,from the first track “Dreams of the Machinoix” which hints at the shape of things to come, suggesting an odyssey into amazing realms of wonder and mysticism delves straight into the David Gemmell inspired “Jerusalem Man” full of melodies with a hard edge and a tale to tell. 
“Cast the first stone” is a foot tapping opus of anthemic proportions leading to the epic “The Blood Red Game” which has the listener raising their fist in salute to the combined talents of the band who have created this musical masterpiece. We continue with “All fall down” and a spine tingling guitar solo leading into a ballsy ballad with Tony again displaying his enormous vocal range impressively.
“Dreamcatcher” has a mystical theme with great guitar work and a mesmerising rolling riff, next the tuneful “She wears a mask” a melodic triumph sending the hairs on the back of your neck to attention. 
“God & Honour” a poignant thought provoking look at a topical subject , which leads us to the final track “Ezekial’s Wheel ....... Ascension” a power driven anthem which admirably closes the proceedings.
Dreams of the Machinoix is a rip roaring journey into hard rocking heaven and yet displays a versatility which showcases the song writing and musicianship of Messrs O’Neill, Thurlow, Verrill, Wing and Little, admirably leaving the listener gasping for more, it is a must have for anyone’s music collection and is a hard/melodic rock classic destined to be played at 11.
Vaughan Froggatt