Jade-Landreneau Dragonsbane

Musically, Dreams of the Machinoix does not fit a single genre. There are tunes that are progressive or power metal, and others that are butt-kicking blues rock. The band handles the tone and tempo changes without any issue, and seem quite comfortable no matter the style. The songs are all well-crafted and have solid flows to them, each one a big, juicy track seemingly molded to the vocalist and guitarists.  The Vocalist in question Thurlow is wonderfully powerful, Dio and Jorn spring to mind, with a little bit more grit, the guitar players, O’Neill and Little are a dream team together, so different in approach and style, Wing contributes his fine keyboard and bass skills, and he works well together with fellow band member Si Verrill drummer who is impressive with every flourish or fill. Outstanding, experienced musicians each contribute something unique to the album, making it a true melodic metal feast for the ears.

Fred Purser has done a commendable job with the mix and production allowing the sound to vary to suit each song.  All of the instruments are balanced and the vocals are crisp and clear, each song has an individual feel. Not an easy task when the songs are complex and multi layered.

Any fan of melodic metal/rock will enjoy this 2nd outing from LOS, already a contender for many 2016 top ten play lists. If you are a fan of strong vocals, blistering guitars, atmospheric keyboards and powerhouse drumming and a variety of moods, then this will not disappoint. 

Very highly recommended.